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Our Story is Your Digital Success

At Netbloom, we live and breathe digital marketing. We use the best and most effective industry tools to achieve results, whether that’s SEO, Web Design or something else.

We understand that not every business is the same so we don’t use a one-size-fits-all strategy. Instead, we offer unique, custom strategies that suit your budget and return the best results.

We help small to medium businesses grow online using reliable, researched and proven ways to boost their online presence and grow their brand.

We believe in commitment so each client works directly with our Chief Nerd, Matthew Jeffery. Matthew founded Netbloom in 2019 while he was working as a Full-Stack Web Developer after discovering a passion for digital marketing. He finds SEO distinctly fascinating, which helps when dealing with the technical side of SEO.

How we help

At Netbloom, we are experts in search engine optimisation and web development. Our web experience gives us an advantage over other SEO companies as we understand the technical side of SEO. This is fundamental to a successful SEO strategy as aspects like page speed and security are essential and Google places high value on them when ranking websites.

However, we don’t stop at ranking a website; we also focus on converting visitors to customers. Our expert user experience knowledge helps improve the ease with which visitors interact with your website.

We achieve this by tracking user patterns which help us understand what elements work and what don’t on the site, increasing your conversion rate.

Meet the Team


Matthew Jeffery

Owner, Web Developer and SEO Manager

Matthew is our highly motivated Developer and SEO Strategist. He is the friendly face new and potential clients talk to when they need expert advice. Matthew's extensive background in Full-Stack Web Development gives him an advantage in the technical side of ranking websites and keeping up with Googles latest algorithm changes.

When Matthew isn't deep in code or analytics tools, you can find him either surfing, reading a book or walking his dog.


Patricia Edrienne Diaz

Marketing Assistant

Patricia is our wonderful Marketing Assistant. She is committed to providing excellent client service with a strong desire to help improve website search rankings. She brings her creative thinking skills and adaptability to extend into new areas to put her skills to work.

When she's not working, you'll find her doing yoga, reading a book, watching her favourite anime shows or enjoying a long walk outdoors.