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78 Local Directories in New Zealand That You Should Know

Submitting your business listing to many different local directories is one of the easiest and most cost-effective strategies in Local SEO to improve your website’s organic ranking in local search results.

Why do you need a Local SEO?

Imagine that on top of the organic search results, your small business stands out among the local companies offering the same products or services.

Your small business can attract consumers’ attention if you are easy to find online, and people are more likely to purchase your products or services.

Local businesses in New Zealand can submit their business information to the local directories, provided below. They can submit their business information such as website, name, address, and phone number to these local directories.

We understand your worries, and we want to help you in your local SEO effort. Feel free to take advantage of the 78 local directories in NZ where you can submit your business listing.

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Why Should You Take Advantage of Our Local Directories Lists?

Local directories can increase your online presence. Information about your business, such as the name, address, phone number, or website, will be mentioned in the listing. The information you provide across the web must be consistent and maintained to help your website or brand attract local visibility. You can increase your localised search results by submitting information about your small business to various local directories. Ultimately, it will increase your website’s organic traffic. Taking advantage of these lists will increase your chances of ranking higher on organic local search results features:

Local Pack

Local Pack is a section of Google’s search results, displaying local businesses on the map based on their location, relevance, and prominence. Consumers will find the results at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). If your business appears in the local pack, you have a better chance of ranking at the top of the local search.

Local Finder

These are the lists of local businesses that appear when you click at the bottom of Google’s local pack, which could link you to more places with a larger map.

Localised Organic Results

Consumers can search for products or services near their location through localised organic results. Organic results will appear on the SERP based on the result’s relevance to the searched terms.

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Google Maps

Web mapping platforms like Google Maps help potential consumers locate your business. It also displays your business profile with images and videos, able to contact your company and visit your location or website.

Reach more people and let them discover your brand. With local SEO, your small business can attract organic visibility online and help you capture local customers.

Could you make an appointment with us? We offer dedicated local SEO strategies for local businesses in Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga, and different parts of New Zealand.

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Many factors affect your website’s organic ranking in local search results. It is crucial to cover all bases and be strategic about your Local SEO to give your business a competitive advantage.

You are more welcome to give us a call for a free audit and consultation, and we’d be more than happy to share our findings and execution as we go.