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Improve Your SEO Using Press Releases in These Easy Steps

We have all heard of the term “Press Release”, sometimes abbreviated as PR. Press Releases are widespread in the entertainment industry to let the audience know something they deem newsworthy. Sometimes, it is even our most significant source of gossip.

Like the entertainment industry, the business industry also uses these press releases. Business owners consider sending out press releases to create citations and links to their websites.

A great press release strategy will boost your organic rankings on the Local Search Engine Results Page. But you must focus on providing depth/value and actionable so the users can improve their lives.

The entire process of PR and SEO is relatively simple. You are more than welcome to follow these steps to maximise your PR:

Utilise Local Searches

Notice that when you enter a query in Google Search with a specific location, e.g., the best coffee shop in Auckland, a map usually appears on the top-right side of SERP showing relevant local businesses in the area.

The top-left of the page will show the top 3 Google Local Pack search results along with their NAP or the name, address, and phone number.

Adding links to your Google My Business Profile in the PR will increase your GMB Profile’s organic ranking position. So ensure you add it next time when you do your PR.

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Add your target local keywords as you go

Always remember to find ways to include your product or service and your target area, e.g., “Italian restaurants in Wellington, New Zealand”.

Of course, don’t overdo this strategy—only include them three or four times in each 300-word press release or as needed. It should be added naturally and within the context; in the end, it’s not about the keyword density but the value you provide to the users.

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Check for duplicate page listings

If you are uncertain if you already have a profile on Google My Business, be sure to search first. If you already have a listing, claim that instead. Google hates duplicate content in their search results because it doesn’t provide visitors with the best possible experience.

But don’t stop claiming, editing, and delivering detailed information about your business – You should include attention-grabbing images to add an extra layer of engagement to your profile.

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Citations on other websites

A citation is when someone publishes your NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) on another website. If you desire to rank well in local searches, you should have citations on other websites, especially on authoritative sites.

Distribute your press releases with your NAP to maximise their value and increase your local organic rankings on SERPs. PRs can increase your credibility not just to the local community but as well as to search engines like Google. Implement this strategy if you want your GMB profile to take one of the top 3 positions on the Local 3-pack.

Include a Google map in the press release whenever possible

Google Maps is the best guide to lead potential customers to your doorstep. If you want your rankings on Google My Business to increase, you should use a press release service that lets you embed a Google Map inside the release. Doing this will help convince local searches of the brand’s increased prominence because it is mentioned on authoritative news sites. The embedded Google Map will link the brand to Google Map listings using the white hat method while driving more exposure and traffic to the business map profile. If you want to know more about white hat SEO, Netbloom SEO Services is here to help.

Reach out to the local community

The process does not end after the press release has been published. For a longer PR life, you can share your PR to your professional community profiles such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and Website Blog. Posting your PR to your community profiles can increase the PR’s traffic, making it a more valuable “local link signal”. This increases the PR’s value in terms of being a local signal resource for your local SEO efforts. In doing so, you are striking two birds with one stone; you will derive positive results in search rankings and earn quality leads as you go. These services are also readily available at Netbloom, head on to our website, and we will help you get started.
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