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Create a Budget-Friendly Small Business Website with These 6 Tips

When it comes to website design in 2022, companies can end up spending as high as $5000-$10,000 for their site if they aren’t smart about its execution. While a super customised website is great, small businesses and start-ups often can’t afford that level of customisation right off the bat.

But that’s okay. Did you know that you can get amazing business websites while being on a budget? You just need to know how to design and build such small business websites. In this article, we give you a few tips that you can use to build a new website which is beautiful, functional and cost-effective.

Six easy ways to reduce your business website cost

Wondering how to choose a web design agency? Well, hiring a web designer is similar to hiring any other professional. There are a few essential questions to ask upfront to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success. Let’s take a look at the critical questions to ask before making a hiring decision.

1. Choose a web designer who offers start-to-finish services in a bundle/package

Be sure to ask for pricing estimates upfront. Most web designers price their services on a tiered scale. You can then look at different price levels and pick one that suits your needs.

Also, be sure to ask about the cost of add-ons. Some designers will charge additional fees for extra services like adding a blog, setting up a shopping car, or logo design. Be sure to also ask how billing will be carried out.

2. Select free or pre-made templates

You will, of course, need to know when delivery timeframes. When can you expect results? Will the project be rolled out in stages or at all at once? Timeline is critical as you obviously want your website set up as quickly as possible. However, some services like SEO can take longer than expected to see results. Thus, some companies or professionals will offer timeline-based services rather than a set deadline.

3. Keep the number of pages to a minimum

The more pages you have to design and develop, the more labour and technology that goes into your web design project. This will automatically increase the cost of your website. If you want low-cost websites for small businesses, then keep the number of pages limited.

In fact, there is growing research to show that single page websites actually perform better than multi-page websites because of multiple reasons –

· They take less coding to build and can be released faster.

· There is only one URL for the website – ensuring customers don’t get confused & visit the right site.

· The single-page website offers a more seamless mobile browsing & shopping experience since there is just one page to navigate.

· The simple, minimalistic & linear nature of the one-page website makes for a better digital sales pitch with a clear start, middle & end.

So, keep the number of pages less. This will keep your website design cost down. Plus, it will make your site more effective.

4. Supply content where you can

One of the areas of small business websites design where a large chunk of the expenses goes is content creation. If you hire an outside content team to create your web copy, blog posts, and images/videos for you, it will increase your cost tremendously. To ensure that your web design for small business remain within budget and is feasible, supply content yourself. You don’t have to provide all the content for your site, but sharing even a tiny bit can help. For example, take a look at the presentation slides that you used for your investor pitch or any brochures that you may have gotten printed for offline marketing. Are there any photos, videos, paragraphs, USPs etc., that you can reuse for your website? Otherwise, if you can develop some content for yourself after the design is complete, just purchase the website design service without the content creation.

5. Don’t worry about the widgets

Another way to lower the costs of your business websites is to just skip the widgets for now. It can be very tempting to get widgets for appointment scheduling or comment management or email marketing, especially because they make your website more engaging. But, these widgets cost money.

Instead of spending on widgets right now, why not keep your web design simple and without widgets? You could also just get 1-2 essential widgets and leave the rest for the future.

6. Purchase your domain registration for multiple years

Finally, we definitely recommend that you purchase your website domain registration for a slab of many years instead of just one. Most hosting platforms offer good discounts for domain registrations that are multi-year. You can make decent savings here, which you can use to either work on other facets of your website or employ it elsewhere in your business.