Netbloom's Free to use SEO Metadata Tool

Use our below tool to see how your web page will display in the search engine results (SERP), helping you write compelling Meta titles and descriptions and improving the click-through rate (CTR) for each page.

How this tool works

  1. Enter in your target keyword ('best' used as an example)
  2. Enter in your desired Meta title
  3. Enter in your Meta description
  4. Click refresh Keyword if you've changed your keyword

The snippet on the right updates on-the-fly when you write the metadata in the left form. Your desired keyword is highlighted in yellow to show where it is used in the metadata.

If you have any suggestions for the tool, please let us know by emailing matthew@netbloom.co.nz or filling out our contact form.

We recommend viewing this page on a larger screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

How much does SEO cost?

Costs vary depending on the business; Netbloom’s packages range from $750 – 1,300 per month with no contract. The biggest reason campaigns fail is that the company does not properly assess the amount of work required to achieve successful results and ROI (Return on Investment).

How long does SEO take?

Generally, with the implementation of a fully-fledged SEO plan results will begin to take effect after 6 months. You may see results sooner but allow true results to take upwards of 1 year of continuous work. During this time, your leads and traffic will increase gradually and regularly, but the big wins are once you hit the top-half of Google’s first page.

Can you get me to #1 on Google?

It’s certainly possible! Factors including the level of competition, your number of inbound links and business niche will affect how achievable this goal is. However, Netbloom has a proven record for getting to #1 on Google for selected keywords.

Will my rankings drop if I stop paying for SEO?

At Netbloom, we strive for permanent long-term results however, with time your competitors may put in the work and out-rank you. As our CEO says, “It’s similar to a gym. Continuous progress to keep results.”

I’ve done SEO before with no luck – how are you different?

Netbloom has proven results for its SEO strategy. This is due to our background in web development which allows us to understand SEO from a technical and theoretical perspective.

How will I know what you’re doing for me?

Communication is one of Netbloom’s core values. We provide monthly reporting and open lines of communication so you can contact us at any time with any and all queries.

Do you guarantee your SEO?

We guarantee higher ranking of the researched keywords for your website, which ultimately increases traffic to your website.